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Confidence and collaboration are key factors for success...

Sectoral Overview 2019 -Pharmaceutical Market Turkey

According to the pharmaceutical report, pharmaceutical sales that will increase in the next 5 years, the main treatment areas which will be growing...

14 special centers for rare diseases

The Ministry of Health Turkey has started work to establish a special department in hospitals, to eliminate problems of patients with rare diseases...

Good News for SMA patients by Minister of Health

Approval of SMA Type 2 and Type 3 patient processes which initiated by Ministry of Health has been completed and those medicines will be in...

EFPIA 2018 Report

Thanks to advances in science and technology, the research-based pharmaceutical industry is entering an exciting new era in medicines development....

Why Invest in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry?

Turkey has a growing pharma industry that offers opportunities in various areas

Turkey 2023 vision report

Turkey, a rising star in the region and the world, has ambitious social and economic goals for 2023 - the 100th anniversary of the Republic.The...

Rare Disease Day in Turkey

Turkey's involvement in Rare Disease Day began in 2013, with previous highlights including an art competition for children and raising awareness...

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